About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. I love children, and want to make a difference in their lives. I cannot wait to start teaching. I have a job at UMS Wright, working with the after-school care program. It gives me a lot of experience, and helps me to know what I am getting into.


I have just recently started using twitter. I think it is most interesting to check up on the celebrities and see what they are writing on their twitter. I will probably start being more involved in twtter with my personal life after a few years of teaching or when I start teaching. Then parents could maybe check my page out and see what the class and I have in store for that day! =)


iTunesU is a way to download professors lectures from a college that you do not even attend. Or even if you do attend it and miss the lecture. Get on iTunesU and get the lecture that you missed out on. Now this option is not offered to every university yet, but maybe in the future it will be. =)


I have learned alot about itunes this semester. Even though I still do not have an ipod, I have still been able to experience it with the Class EDM 310 for future reference. Itunes has a way to download single songs or the whole album, with a fee of course. There are many other programs reachable through iTunes also such as podcasts, videocast, and itunesU.

GOOGLE Documents

WOW! So I never knew that you could save an document on the web. That is probably the smartest thing they've invented. Its so easy!! You can be anywhere and just have internet to pull up a project that you need. Dont worry about keeping up with a jump drive anymore! All you need is the internet. It has been such a useful task that I started using right after I found out about it. Thanks Dr. Strange!


I must say that when I first heard about podcast, I was a little nervous about trying it. Its almost like being a radio announcer or something of that sort. But other than the fact of me doing the podcast i love the idea. Its very easy to locate, and there are so many to choose from that are free eduactional material. Im glad that Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class had introduced me to podcast.

Around the World: MULTIPLICATION

Okay, so AROUND THE WORLD was a game that i dominated in 3rd grade! When the teacher told the class that we were about to play that game, everyone would get so excited! Around the World is a multiplication game that is soo much fun! You start with everyone sitting in their desk. The first person stands up and stands beside the person in the desk behind him. The teacher calls out a multiplication problem...... whoever gets it right goes to the next person... and if you lose you sit down in that persons desk! Whoever makes it around all the desks first WINSSSS!! Its such a great and easy way to learn! It makes you go home and study your multiplication tables so that you will know them quicker than everyone else!! This game has helped me, I know it will help my future students! =)